A week in Montreal

28 August, 2019

I was lucky enough to spend a week and a bit in Montreal towards the end of this summer. This summer I was on a research contract to bridge the gap between my Masters (defended in April) and my PhD (starts in September). The University de Montreal was hosting the Industrial Problem Solving Workshop (IPSW) which asks industry to present problems which, if the problems are selected, are brought to the universities math department (and some external experts). The NRC (where I have a co-supervisor) applied with a problem pertaining to my PhD and so we were selected to spend the week in Montreal hacking away at it with a team of experts. It was a load of fun! It's a rare and special experience to escape the confines of a normal work week and do nothing but hack for 5 days straight.

Towards the end of the week, Emily took a few days off of work and came to visit me. We had a blast exploring the city. Major highlights include seeing a collection of our east coast friends (many thanks to Fred, Zoe, Kaleb for showing us around and hanging out), watching a deep-water climbing competition, walking up Mont Royal to get a view of the city, exploring Old Montreal (especially the Basilica of Notre Dame!), and definitely the biggest highlight was meeting up with my cousin Dylan and his family! It was wonderful to meet Dylan and Anna's kids (Sky and River) and spend the evening catching up and eating their delicious food.

While in Montreal we also ate amazing 5-star (in my book) meals every night so you can now start calling me a foodie (ha!).