Red Rocks Nevada Bouldering day 5

28 February, 2018

Day 5 - Wet morning, dry evening in Calico Basin

We hopefully went out and hunted for dry boulders in Kraft and Red Spring in the morning but everything was still too damp to climb. We then started trekking into Calico basin (another nearby climbing area) when it started to rain again and most people bailed on the plan. Luckily for us, Aidan and Luc (two friends from Victoria) went ahead and hiked all the way in while the rest of us went and got doughnuts and complained. When we met them back at the camp around dinnertime then told us it had been dry in the basin! We all hurriedly grabbed headlamps and night-hiked out to get at least a little bit of climbing in on the day. The climb we went to is called Dirty Rail and is probably one of the most fun boulders I've climbed (I actually climbed it a few times, different ways). I didn't bring my camera out for the evening but a few others did so I'm hopeful that there are some cool shots from that session that will surface soon.