Red Rocks Nevada Bouldering day 4

28 February, 2018

Day 4 - Rain! The Hoover Dam makes the day worthwhile

During the night it dumped rain like it can only in a desert. We woke up to cloudy skies and no hope of climbing on the sandstone (sandstone absorbs water and becomes dangerously brittle until it dries). We luckily had been recommended a series of hot springs out towards the Arizona border. After getting momentarily lost and ending up in Arizona, we found the canyon. It was a beautiful (limestone?) canyon which lead us past a bunch of hot springs and down to the Colorado River, just a few hundred meters down from the Hoover Dam. We popped out on the river here. It was really beautiful in the canyon, and some of the hot springs which led straight into the river were too hot to stand in without it first heavily mixing with the river. It made for a great rest day!