Red Rocks Nevada Bouldering day 1

28 February, 2018

On the UVic week off in February, a large crew of us went back down to boulder at Red Rocks, in Nevada. I did "that thing" again where I edit and upload the photos quickly but leave them for a month without providing text context. So take a gander at the few photos we took on the trip and I'll try and provide a little commentary.

Day 1 - The drive down and our first day in Red Springs/Kraft

Emily and I drove down in my car with Neil and Jessa (same couple as last year). Having four of us made the ~20 hour drive pretty luxurious, and when we got down there we were greeted by sun and warmth. After a quick nights sleep we headed to two nearby boulder fields, Red Springs and Kraft. Jessa was lucky to find her "project" on that first day in Red Springs - an aesthetic boulder called "Monkey Wrench" (named for the gang) which was several levels of difficulty greater than her previously most difficult climb.