Mid-January Weekend Downtown Victoria

28 January, 2018

Emily and I spent this past weekend relaxing in raining Victoria. We had Maegan and Zev over for dinner and boardgames, and spend a morning reading our books and writing postcards in a coffee shop downtown Victoria. We also took in the latest Royal BC Museum Exhibit, Wildlife Photographer of the Year. It's an incredible display every year and this one was no different.

All of these photos were taken with a cheap manual 28 mm f/2.8 lens by Meike. As I continue to explore photography I thought it might be valuable to see what the difference was between higher-end and lower-end glass. The low profile is nice for when the camera hangs off your neck all day, but there is some serious vignette across all apertures and focal lengths. At f/2.8 it can be taken advantage of for some artsy photos but at smaller apertures the photos are so grainy and dark that I've basically deemed the lens useless past f/4. Hey though, for ~100 I'm pretty at peace with it! I figure I'll continue to carry it around for street photography until I afford myself an upgrade.