Joes Valley Bouldering day 9

08 October, 2017

Day 9: Left Fork and the Bonneville Salt Flats

This was out last day in town. We started off with a quick climb with everyone before Emily took down her project, and I folded a nail back on my own project. We figured we had done what we could for the trip so started driving North a little early, hoping to take in some scenery. We turned west at Salt Lake City which lead us into Nevada, but right at the border of Nevada are the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. They're famous for hosting land speed tests and records so long as the season is right (when not in season, the salt flats become a soft mix of salt and water, when in season they're bone dry and perfectly flat). After a long drive, we were home! Thanks all for an amazing trip. See you all again soon, I'm hopeful.