Joes Valley Bouldering day 3

08 October, 2017

Day 3: Moab

We had spent the previous day getting chased by precipitation and this morning woke up to a thin layer of snow everywhere. We were given some advice from another camper that down in the Moab (a few hours south) there was surely some dry climbing. Emily and I hopped in the car and tore down there only to be greeted by a wall of black clouds and rain about 1km outside of the Moab limits. After checking with some locals we admitted we were about to have a very forced rest day, so we headed to the nearby Arches National Park. It was amazing! The landscape is so cool, and some of the sandstone walls have eroded to create these mammoth arches. We had a blast hiking around and taking photos. It was a bummer to not climb but it was also cool to do some proper "tourist-ing" since we rarely do on these trips. After the park we headed back up to Joes Valley in order to sleep close to the now climbable boulders!

Warning: this is the longest photo album of the trip!