Joes Valley Bouldering day 1

08 October, 2017

Emily and I took a full week off to travel down to Orangeville, Utah to boulder in the nearby Joes Valley. We had an incredible trip which included two very long drives, touring a Mormon state, getting snowed out, visiting Moab, and a ton of quality rock climbing. Each of the days below have a distinct set of photos and each is titled for the area(s) we spent time in.

Day 1: The journey down

Emily and I opted to take the BlackBall ferry down into the states which got us onto the peninsula just in time to start our drive in the dark. It was a really long drive, but with beautiful scenery. The drive between Salt Lake City and Orangeville is gorgeous with tons of colour to take in. We arrived pretty late and couldn't find the dedicated campground so pitched up at a small outcrop overlooking the valley.