Red Rocks Nevada Bouldering day 6 and 7

17 February, 2017

Day 6/7 - Bouldering and driving home

This was the day it was meant to rain during so we woke up early, crammed everything into the vehicle and rushed to the boulders. We ended up getting a relatively long day in before the clouds started to roll in. The day was topped off (for me) with a last second climb of Plumbers Crack, an easy chimney which is nearly impossible to fall from but gets you quite the view. After the climb we reorganized the car and started to head north. We had planned to try and stop for some climbing in Oregon but the forecast as we drove said there were a few inches of snow on the ground and we had packed for the heat of Nevada and weren't ready to get cold. Instead we motored home and called it a trip! Many thanks to Neil Jessa and Emily for the company!