Undergraduate Commencements and Iron Ring Ceremony

09 November, 2016

Most of my friends and I graduated in August with our Bachelors of Engineering (most of us mechanical, but some elecs, sengies, biomeds, etc). It was a really enjoyable day. UVic does a really good job of making each ceremony feel special even though they happen twice a day for the commencements week. Mom and Dad are in Bhutan right now (see highshot.org) but Grandma, Grandpa and Maegan came to both my commencements and my iron ring ceremony.

There aren't many good photos from the actual commencements ceremony since Grandpa and Maegan decided to compete in this years edition of 'fuzziest photographer', but we all got together outside and took some nice pictures. There were no pictures allowed in the iron ring ceremony, and if I said too much about it I'd have to kill you. Suffice to say it was mega-cult-y in a fun engineer-y way. Photos below!

Also, lots of the photos are from Jay and his family, which is why lots of the photos are of Jay! Thanks for the photos dude!