Joshua Tree and Mexico Climbing Trip

02 May, 2016

I had a decent break between semesters this April which resulted in some trip planning with my friends/climbing partners Claire, Cam, and Neil. We made a big plan to go bouldering in Joes Valley, Utah, but it was raining there so as we drove across the border we decided to aim for Joshua Tree, California! We made the drive down in one big go which worked out to be about 22 hours of driving. Ooph. Luckily we arrived in the evening so just grabbed some dinner and set up the tents. The rest of the week was just climbing in beautiful (windy) weather and trying to keep the skin on our palms.

We took a rest day later in the week during which we decided to tear down to Mexico for lunch, and so we could say we drove the I-5 all the way from North to South and back again. We just went to Las Playas de Tijuana which was perhaps not the nicest area around but the locals at our restaurant were friendly and the food was delicious. There really isn't much to write about this trip. The people I was with were radical and forever in a good mood, and the climbing was beautiful and difficult. Until next trip, California.