Della Falls Attempt (Great Central Lake)

12 February, 2016

I went out with the UVic Outdoors Club recently with the intent to see Della Falls, the tallest waterfall in Canada. The trip starts at the south end of Great Central Lake and from there you have to paddle 35-ish km to the other end of the lake before a 16km hike to the base of the falls. Unfortunately there was a bridge out so we ended up not making it all of the way. Instead we paddled for 2 days up the lake and then back for another two. It turned out to be a ton of fun and a proper adventure. We had two river rafts which were perhaps not the speediest lake vessels and one of them had a slowly growing hole in the bottom so progress was slow. Luckily we had some good weather (and some bad I guess, but sshh) and everyone was just thrilled to be out. Check out some photos below! I may have forgotten to clean the Go-Pro lens for the entire trip, so there were plenty of fuzzy photos which I had to delete.