Camping at Sombrio Beach

04 October, 2015

There was no particular reason to get out but I was getting antsy after a few weeks in the city and as usual Zev was game to run away with me. After a productive day at school we headed out in the early evening and drove out to Sombrio. The beach was super busy! We must be in the last weekends where students aren't stressed enough to bail on having fun. We found a little zone at the far end of the beach and setup camp! We setup a tent, but that was not used. Zev slept in a hammock about 2.5-3 meters off the ground and I slept on the ground. It was a phenomenal evening filled with solid conversation, hammock cuddles with a cool friend, star watching, and a growler of Spinnakers Extra Special Bitter. The night itself was super comfortable - I got too hot a few times and was glad I wasn't in a tent. Waking up looking across the beach was super. After breakfast, coffee, and reading some more of my book we wandered around the beach playing in the caves and tide pools before eating a delicious lunch and heading back to Vic.