Patagonia trip day 8

29 July, 2015

Day 8: How to lose your mind over a glacier

El Calafate to Cerro Castillo including Perito Moreno Glacier (394 km / 5 hours)

Todays goal was the Perito Moreno glacier, one of the most famous and accessible glaciers in South America. I don't know where to start writing. It was incredible. It's located about 80km from El Calafate so we meandered our way there in the morning. I made the guys stop at every viewpoint on the way in but everything became irrelevant once we arrived at the actual glacier. It was magnificent. There is a superb system of boardwalks that lead you to various vantage points which range from above to near the base, as well as coming quite close to the wall of it. I was stunned, I don't really have more to say. It was miles and miles of jagged edges and terrifying fissures all glowing this impossible blue. I could have walked those platforms for hours longer. After the glacier we drove south until a border turn-off just before Rio Turbio and crossed back into Chile. We were lucky enough that Cristobal's sister Caridad is doing social work right now out of a small (like really small) town called Cerro Castillo. We parked there, delivered her car (in case I didn't mention before, one purpose of this trip was to drive her car down from Santiago), and set-up camp for the next few days.

Photosphere from afar