Patagonia trip day 7

29 July, 2015

Day 7: Tumbleweeds and the truest Patagonian plains

Lago Posados to El Calafate (581 km / 6 hours)

When we woke up and had some time to dry out the tent before departing. We hit the road and the landscape was incredible. It feels so barren and its easy to feel completely alone in the middle of literal nowhere. It's the kind of place where the farmers don't identify with one country and entire towns exist without wires running in or out. VISA was a joke to try and use but amazingly everyone wanted USD so we were okay. There were herds of guanacos (similar to a llama, but different because it's a guanaco), pairs of road runners and hundreds of sheep all around us for hours. We would be on the top of a rise and would feel like kings of the plains; it felt like there was nothing below you for miles except flat Rock and dirt before the mountains jutted out of nowhere to conquer the horizon, but if you actually looked at that wasteland it was completely covered by life. Wild. We got some gas and cookies in Bajo Caracoles before continuing towards Tres Lagos. The road was really really straight and flat. There were constant views but after viewing intently for hours and then taking a step back you really do wonder what you were looking at. We saw some cartoon-classic tumbleweeds! Eventually we made it to El Calafate where we put up in the El Ovejero hostel. We made some dinner and enjoyed some beers and piscolas before bed.