Patagonia trip day 6

29 July, 2015

Day 6: Trying Mate and seeing the Roadrunner (beep-beep)

Caleta Tortel to Hipólito Yrigoyen (Lago Posados) (293 km / 7 hours)

When we woke up we packed up our things and our host shared a pot of Mate with us, a traditional very strong tea. That warmed us right up and prepared us to explore Caleta Tortel. The town is strewn around the coastline with miles and miles of boardwalks connecting the houses and (few) stores to the plazas and docks. We wandered along the waterfront until we reached what would have been out campsite. It was then that we were really thankful to our host of the night before; the campsites were more or less underwater. We sat and cooked up some breakfast before meandering back towards our car. From there we headed to Cochrane where we got some advice on border crossing from some obviously lonely policemen and so took a more southern route that led us below Perito Moreno. It was hours of plains and heavy wins only broken by the two very small border crossings. When we were in Argentina it was dark and there were a number of unmarked forks in the road so we ended up randomly making our way to a small town called lago posados where we were able to find someone willing to take Chilean Pesos in exchange for a room for the night. The coolest part about that night time drive was that we saw (as well as dozens of sheep and rabbits) an armadillo, a fox and a roadrunner (the proper name is Rhea)!