Patagonia trip day 4

29 July, 2015

Day 4: Los Caminos de Chile

Futaleufú to Coyhaique (440 km / 10 hours)

This was a long day not only because of distance but because of the road quality. Every now and then we would get a 20 minute stretch of pave but the rest was pot holes and gravel. We were making incredibly good time when just past Puyahuapi we got caught behind construction and had to wait for about an hour. Luckily Capitan de Cocinar, Benjamin, took this time to cook up some noodles. Eventually we made it to Coyhaique where Benjamin called up his girlfriends uncle (solid connection, hey) to see if we could sleep there. He said yes! Classic southern Chilean generosity. We bought some beers and went over to his families house where we met his children and wife. It was super, they gave us tons of tips for our journey and then we went out and picked up a few pizzas. After a rock solid sleep I got up a bit early to try and work through some photos. At the time of this writing that was 2 days ago and I still don't have internet so I don't know if the upload worked. Anyhow, see below for some photos.