Patagonia trip day 1

29 July, 2015

I was been lucky enough to be offered a chance to visit the southern half of South America! Over a period of about 12 days I'll be driving south from Santiago through Chile and Argentina. The final destination is Los Torres in South Chile. I'll update here as much as I can throughout the trip with photos and a quick writeup. Edit: This trip is over! Thanks so much to the Puga family for hosting me, buying a car for me to deliver, and giving me two weeks off work to fulfill a longtime dream. I'll be back Patagonia, you can bet on it!

Day 1: The inside of a Suzuki

Santiago to Puerto Varas (1030km / 10.5 hours)

Yesterday we left Santiago at about 6:30am with the surprise 'we' being Trinidad and Cristobal as well as Benjamin, Cristobal's friend and lastly myself. We drove all day with one short break during which I bought a plane ticket for 11 days from now from Punta Arenas to Santiago. When we arrived in Puerto Varas we were greeted with a setting sun and so the sights would have to wait until morning. We dropped Trinidad at her friends house and that was the end of her journey with us. We then went to Cristobal's friend Carlo's house where we met up with a bunch of other people and enjoyed some asado and drinks for the night. I'm afraid I have no photos worth sharing from the day.