Campo Ovalle

25 July, 2015

I was really lucky to be invited out to my roommate Emma's family campo for the weekend. It was spectacular!  Her family is so generous with me and I really enjoy my time with them. Their farm is in a little valley towards the coast called Valle Alemana which is very close to the beach areas and the weekend was nice and sunny. We did a hike up a mountain called Tres Puntas (Three points) which gave us a wicked view of the area, and the next day went sandboarding on these massive sand dunes overlooking the beach in Concón. It's the exact same as snowboarding but with sketchy wooden "sandboards" and if you fall you eat sand instead of snow. The days were perfect weather and the views, especially from the dunes, were incredible. I'm afraid my photos don't do them justice.

Emma had just gotten back from Vancouver (where she was working for the week) a few days prior so each night we went through a huge selection of photos from Van/Squamish/Whistler. It made me miss home. Also very cool the things that they picked out of the photos that they were super impressed by, and I completely take for granted. I was very proud to be Canadian while watching their reactions.

 Photosphere from the sand dunes