Pichilemu and Valle de Apalta

06 July, 2015

This past weekend I was out of Santiago again but this time exploring the coast and winery focused interior! I spent an afternoon driving to Pichilemu with my buddy Sam after dropping Barbara in Rancagua. We arrived pretty late so ended up going quickly to see the sun set over Punta de Lobos, a prime surfing zone, and grabbing a quick view from Sams property! Afterwards we headed out for dinner watched the end of a Copa America game in Docas, a classic little bar joint with a projector screen on which they just played YouTube videos after the game was done. We had at this point still not made any plans for sleeping arrangements so were really lucky when it turned out my Santiago roommate, Emma, was staying in some cabañas nearby with her family and had extra beds! Score! We were pretty wrecked after that and so slept.

The next day Emma took off with her family for the day to explore some nearby towns while Sam and I headed to the beach. I know very little about the sport so far but after having no luck catching waves for a few hours and meeting up with Sam, he assured me that he had had equally little success and the day was not a good one. For me, half of the enjoyment is still just being out on the water so it wasn't a BAD day at all. We surfed at Punta de Lobos and I rented down on the beach. It was pretty busy in the water and on the beach which makes it difficult for me to imagine how nuts the summer must be. For the remainder of the afternoon Sam and I toured downtown Pichilemu where I finally snagged a classic South American sweater I had been searching for! Sam headed out to meet up with Barbara South of Rancagua later, and I went back to the cabañas with Emma's family.

It's difficult to express just how generous some of these people are. Emma's family just completely adopted me for the night and following day. All night long we played games and had an incredible asado with beers and wine. The next day we headed into the Valle de Apaltas (no relation to avocados!) where we stopped at Viña Montes (winery) for an explore! Heavy european influence on the region which is fitting since the region name is O'Higgins. After a massive lunch in Santa Cruz, the weekend was over and we headed back to Santiago to catch Chile's semi-final Copa game.