Cajón del Maipo Climb and Camp

21 June, 2015

This past weekend I was invited by my friend Gaby to go rock climbing in the Cajón del Maipo! It was us and her 3 year old daughter Antonia who provided constant entertainment. We took the bus there and filled up on the most delicious empanadas of my life before trekking up to our site. We each got in one evening climb as the sun was setting (my first outdoor lead, woohoo!) and then setup camp. We didn't have a tent so we pitched our sleeping bags under the stars after dinner - pretty wicked. The following morning after some fire-roasted nutella toast with avacados we climbed another few routes. I also climbed my first proper sport route which was a huge feeling for me! Unfortunately I was not climbing strong so I'll have to return to try and redeem myself. On the other hand, Gaby was motoring and completely put me to shame. See photos!