Día del Patrimonio Cultural de Chile

31 May, 2015

This past weekend was another (they seem frequent here) national event! This was Día del Patrimonio Cultural de Chile, the 'cultural heritage day of Chile'. For the day, the government made a special mobile application in which you could plan a route between tours, museums etc. all of which was free! My roommate Emma and I went for a few tours during which we saw a variety of political and historical landmarks including the Palacio de a Moneda which is the HQ for the president and some ministers. It was a slightly difficult following the tours since they were all in full Spanish but I'm slowly improving. Emma is brilliant in both languages and has more patience than I thought was possible in a human, so she's usually the one pointing me in the correct direction. On on Saturday I also went for a walk through BellaVista with my friend Rodrigo - in one of the photos he's standing beside a massive wool-covered monument. I have no idea how they knit a sock that big, but that's why I'm not studying to be a knitting engineer. See some photos!