Campo Puga

24 May, 2015

I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to the famous Campo Puga, the Puga's family farm 6 or 7 hours south of Santiago. It's just past Los Angeles and Santa Bárbara. The weekend left me stunned at both the generosity of their family and their beautiful property! Everyone was so patient with my attempts at Spanish and was more than willing to teach me. I can't express how grateful I am. Over the weekend I tagged along for partridge hunting, learned to ride a horse, ate world class food and drank delicious Chilean wine. I managed to shoot a clay skeet out of the air with a 12 gauge as well! It was a perfect mix of cool new activities and downtime during which I could be tortured by various niños y niñas and practice my Spanish. Some of the younger ones were the best teachers since they all had phenomenal English and called me out every time I said something wrong. I hope that next time I have the opportunity to practice with them I can show some small improvement!