Squamish visit

01 May, 2015

I had a bit of a break between school and Chile, so I spent it in Squamish. It was a relaxing week during which I prepared for travels, celebrated Mother's Day, went up the Sea-to-Sky gondola (for the first time), watched the Orecrusher, and bouldered both outdoors and in. The gondola is an experience, I highly recommend it to anybody passing through or residing in Squamish. A world class facility with world class views. I was up with mom and we walked around all (I think) of the available trails without going slack-country. There's a ton of development ongoing which is always exciting to see. This includes a new climbing area where the routes were bolted but not too chalky yet. I bouldered for a morning at Murrin Lake. I had a guide book with me and just slowly worked through a series of routes as they increased difficulty. It had been a while since I last climbed but it looks like I had needed the rest - I finished a series that I had struggled on before. I also climbed in Quest's bouldering cave which is a wicked little student run and built room. Make friends with Quest students!