Ucluelet Trip

08 February, 2015

READING BREAK! It's been an incredible weekend. Every year for school we get a 'reading break' (Spring break, really) and this year it's been so much fun! After school on Friday seven friends (Evan, Daniele, Alex, Emilie, Zev, Josh, Mike) and I drove out to Ucluelet (by Tofino) for a weekend of surfing, hiking, and becoming "the best eight friends that anybody could ever have". We stayed at a kitchen-possessing motel called The Whale's Tail as we do every trip (this was the third 'Ukie' trip - second for me).

Saturday we headed to Live-To-Surf, a shop in Tofino, to rent some gear and then spent the better part of the day surfing Long Beach. Incredible amounts of fun and everyone was pumped. Sunday we did the wettest/boggiest hike imaginable out to a crashed WWII bomber. Crazy wreckage site. Really interesting to read about should you find time - I'm sure you can google "Tofino Bomber Crash" and find it. Monday we were back to surfing for the day and Tuesday we drove back to Vic.

Sorry for the short write-up but I'm busy planning the rest of reading break!