Elfin Lakes and the Gargoyles

31 December, 2014

I officially don't live in Fernie anymore. Before Christmas, I journeyed back to the West Coast for another semester of school at UVic. Just before New Years my friend Quinn and I decided to spend a few days up in the alpine at Elfin Lakes. Elfin has a 33 bed cabin that's first-come-first-serve (first night we had 60+ and second 45+ staying there). In in, there's a fireplace to dry wet clothes and four propane stoves for boiling water and making food. Quinn and I left early one morning and snowshoed up. We spent the rest of the day hanging out and enjoying the day. On the second day, we submitted the Gargoyles, a mountain between Mt. Atwell and the Elfin Cabin. On the third day we hiked down to the bottom. Tons of neat people were staying at the cabin. There was opportunity to talk with people that travelled a long way for that trip, which again was a reminder that we live in a beautiful part of the world. A few students were up there from SFU and UVic as well. There was a wind warning on our first day up so we had to traverse through some very sideways-moving snow. The bonus of that was that we had perfectly clear skies for the following few days. A great trip! Check out photos below.