Winter camping

30 November, 2014

I was at a coffee shop, Freshies, in town with some friends when we made a split second decision to go camping in the snow that night. Doug, Adrian, Arthur and me all had a speed packing session and then drop up well past the snow line to camp. We arrived a little late but managed to get most of our camp setup in the light. Two men to a tent, and then cooked up some delicious deer sausage, mashed potatoes, and spiced whiskey (okay, the whiskey didn't get cooked). Arthur was on fire duty and he did his job well. We made some chairs in the snow and hung-out until bedtime, looking at the stars. It was a decently cold night, but we all seemed to sleep fine. We work up to our water bottles a little frozen (they were in the tents with us), and frost coating the inside of the tent - brr.