Banff Film Festival and Calgary visit

09 November, 2014

This year I was fortunate to have a couple of people excited to visit Banff with me for the annual Mountain Film Festival. My friends from Calgary Dan and Vanessa helped plan a little visit during which we climbed a lot, went winter camping, saw some incredible movies, caught up with some friends from school, and had an all around good time.

I spent the first night of a long weekend in Calgary hanging out with Dan, Ty, Jeff, Vanessa, Epiphany, and Michael. We had a pretty tame night and just played catch-up (Ty and Jeff are both also interns, but in Calgary). The next day we drove to Banff, picking up Martin in Canmore and then spent the afternoon setting up camp (brr) before getting some drinks and watching our first set of movies. The first set was all extreme sports and some specific athletes involved - pretty terrifying to watch.

We then spent the night camping and woke up to ~-26C with a few inches of snow on the ground. The next day we caught some more movies - again extreme sports but with a focus on the extremes of the human body in long distance athletes and mountaineers (there is a photo of me standing with a new hero of mine, a French mountaineer who crossed the Cordillera Glacier with a group of 6 men. A first crossing, and incredible journey). The rest of the day was spent catching up with Luke and Leigh, two more UVic students, and climbing. On the final day, we drove back to Calgary and spent time at Dan's house and climbing at the gym. The next morning I went for another quick climb with a new friend Robyn, Vanessa and Dan before driving back to Fernie. Awesome weekend!