Heiko's Trail

31 August, 2014

This Labour Day Weekend I set off with Anna, Arthur, Leanne and Jordan for an adventure on Heiko's Trail (a.k.a. Fernie Mountain Trail). We spent two days working our way from Hartley Lake, behind the Three Sisters, summitted the Three Sisters, and finally ending up at Island Lake Lodge. We were in deeper bear country the entire time and thanks to the nature of the back country we were witness to awesome views. Our first experience was Bisaro Cave, a 100ft diameter cave that we hung around in for a while along the hike. From there we saw "Soda Wall" on Bisaro Ridge and eventually reached the top of the Three Sisters (the highest point in the Fernie area). We camped in the Fairy Creek Meadows for the night and as the name denies, we ran out of water. So after the long day Art and I ended up trekking another few kilometers to fill up everyone's water bottles. Luckily that was enough to get us through the final 10km the next day. We had a delicious mashed potato, sausage and gravy dinner and the we all crashed pretty quickly. The next morning we broke camp early and after going over two passes, Windy Pass and Tamarack Ridge, we ended up at Island Lake Lodge just after lunch. An awesome trip in all and a great way to spend a day or two. This time I brought my GoPro and took a few photos and videos with it. They're a little better than my phone I think.

GPS files of hike: GPX | KML