Glacier National Park

10 August, 2014

The day after rafting one might expect to relax a little bit, but not this weekend! Today I traveled down to Kalispell in Montana with Alexis to pick up Gabrielle, one of his friends, from the airport there. It was a really nice sunny day so we decided to make an adventure of picking her up. We drove East from Kalispell and headed into Glacier National Park. There is a road there only open during the summer called the Going-To-The-Sun Road that we drove all the way through to Waterton National Park and the Canadian Border. The road was a winding 60 miles that's was purpose built to deliver world class view of the Rocky Mountains. It was difficult for us to not stop at every corner and opportunity. Almost as soon as we started the road we saw a cinnamon bear, and at the highest point of the journey (Logan's Pass) we did a little hike where we saw some mountain goats and big horned sheep. I'm afraid my photo's don't even remotely do it justice but my phone did what it could!