Elk River rafting

09 August, 2014

Today I went white water rafting with a group of interns from the Teck mines in the valley. One of my roommates Dave did a great job pulling us all together to do it, and my other roommate Alexis works for Canyon Rafting so he guided us! I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Canyon Rafting. If you are ever in the area I recommend completely spending a day on the Bull or Elk Rivers with this company. The water was relatively low, and we saw some rain but everyone (all 8 boats of us) were in such high spirits it didn't matter. We paddles through a few sets of rapids before stopping for lunch and enjoying some birthday cake (one of the ladies on the trip was turning 75!). Shortly after lunch we stopped in the main canyon to do some cliff jumping and the cruised down the rest of the river. I got to experience surfing on a wave, paddling down rapids, swimming down rapids, and cliff jumping in the most incredible canyon. A huge shout out thanks to Alexis for making the trip fun and educational for our entire boat!