Morrisey Ridge sunrise camping

03 August, 2014

Right after the Ammonite hike (see below), Sara, Brady, Other Sara, Scott and I all turned around pretty quickly to go camping up on Morrisey Ridge. Morrisey Ridge is one of the ridges overlooking Fernie that hosts a few microwave towers and telecommunications systems. It's a 4x4 drive up there, and Scott's truck did the job (it's for sale, if you're looking). We got to the top well after dark and quickly setup camp while Sara #1 made us a roaring fire. We were lucky to be up there one day before the full fire ban began! We hung out and then, thoroughly exhausted, collapsed in our tents. At 5am we all got up and watched the sunrise over the Kootenay range! The sun fully broke at about 6:15am after which we all went back to our tents to rest a few more hours. Some photo's are below and were taken by both Scott and Brady.