Elliott Lake backpacking trip

27 July, 2014

My girlfriend Robyn was staying with me this weekend and we teamed up with our friends Leanne, Arthur, Anna, Tom, and Jordan to hike up to Barnes Lake. Barnes Lake is in a bowl just below Barnes peak, about a 45 minute drive South-East of Fernie. After about an hour of trying to decide which trail head to commit to, we settled on one and started up. It was steep climbing but all on double track. We ended up missing Barnes Lake and hiking another few kilometers up the trail (all-in-all about 4 hours of hiking) until we found Elliott Lake. A smaller, shallower, but equally beautiful lake nestled in a higher alpine bowl. We spent one night there and then hiked back down the hill. It was a killer weekend and next time we'll have to make sure we get to the right lake! Check out some photo below (mostly taken by Robyn).