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Mothers Day at Goldsteram09 May, 2021
Today for Mothers Day we met up with Judy and Morgan for a picnic at Goldstream park. It's great seeing them right now because it feels near-normal! Both of them have been vaccinated for a month or so…
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April in Victoria30 April, 2021
Over the past month we've been lucky with a stretch of warm dry weather. Emily and I made good use of this by getting out climbing, walking, running and swimming several times a week. It's also been a…
March in Victoria31 March, 2021
March was actually pretty good as far as these COVID months go. We spent a fair amount of time walking around and were able to start climbing outside again. The cherry blossoms have been in full bloom…
February in Victoria28 February, 2021
This February was a very work-heavy month but considering the rain and lockdown there are worse things than being busy! The majority of the photos in this album are from a single sunset by Clover Pt…
January in Victoria31 January, 2021
These posts are starting to feel a bit repetitive. Hopefully as the weather improves individual events warrant enough photos to stand alone as opposed to month-long-photo-dumps. Anyway, here is…
Seals at Ogden Point08 January, 2021
Emily and I were out for our daily walk (this time at the breakwater) and decided to walk along the lower blocks to avoid other people. We were barely a few feet from shore when we started spotting…
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December in Victoria31 December, 2020
December was a major bummer for us as for many. We decided half-way through the month that we would not spend Christmas on SSI since the health order was still in effect. Despite the negative mood…
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November in Victoria30 November, 2020
To contrast our exciting October in Squamish, November was a very quiet month for us. To feel "okay" about having travelled to the mainland we spent the first two weeks in isolation before returning…
A month living in Squamish31 October, 2020
October was really special. The dreaded fall COVID19 second wave had not yet materialized and so we decided to move to Squamish for the month. Emily and I were both working full time so it took some…
Grandpa's 81st Birthday26 September, 2020
Another great celebration on Saltspring! Not many photos were taken but it was a beautiful day and a great get-together.

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